Welcome to the Flavor page!!!

Here at Crave Cakes, our cupcakes and cakes are baked to order with only the best wholesome and fresh ingredients. Our fillings are treated with the same care, fresh and ready to eat! Below is a list of flavors of both our "Crave" cakes and fillings. Enjoy!

Cake Flavors:                                                                Fillings:

Vanilla                                                                           Vanilla Buttercream
Devil's Food                                                                  Chocolate Buttercream
Milk Chocolate                                                              Oreo
Marble*                                                                         Cream Cheese
Red Velvet                                                                     Strawberry
Lemon Creme                                                                Pistachio Glaze*
Rainbow                                                                         Banana Cream
Angel Food Cake                                                           Coca-cola
Banana Nut
Pineapple Rum
French Vanilla
Sour Cream*
Chocolate covered Strawberry

*does not include cupcakes

Also, whole and sliced fresh fruit fillings available upon request at additional cost.